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I [heart] High Concept Posters

This is the poster for Buried, the indie thriller which is based around the idea of Ryan Reynolds being buried alive. I love a good high concept thriller (think Phone Booth or Cellular, for example) – but I especially love a cool high concept poster.

10 Responses

  1. So much blank space…at least it isn’t all white, which I hate in movie posters. I like how they make is expansive and claustrophobic at the same time.

    • Yep, it’s pretty awesome. I can almost stop worrying about the “the studio is reshooting it to make it less indie” rumours going around.

  2. That is frackin’ awesome!!!

  3. I feel short of breath just looking at that

  4. Love it but I wouldn’t buy that movie posters lol. Too much empty space even though that’s the point.

    • It’s just not cost effective for so much wasted space!

      Yep, I can understand that – it’s not even the price of frame-age, it’s the space capacity of the wall and stuff like that – I don’t own a mansion, so i have to be selective in what I put up.

  5. Works as a poster, didn’t work as a trailer.

  6. Would work better as a smaller poster if you were looking to buy it, but as a small example of what to expect from the film it works.

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