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Bugs or Daffy?

A deleted scene from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction suggests that there are two kinds of people: there are Elvis people and there a Beatles people. Sure, you can like both, but you’ll always like one better than the other. With my Looney Tunes: Golden Collection boxsets having arrived in the door last week, I’d like to add a collary: there are two kinds of people in the world, there are Bugs Bunny people and there are Daffy Duck people. Which are you?

Choose wisely...

Choose wisely...

I’m almost certainly a Daffy person. Sure, I like Bugs. He’s witty and he’s smart and he doesn’t mess with anyone who doesn’t deserve it. He always manages to get the upper hand, with a practiced ease. I can appreciate that. On the other hand, I can appreciate Daffy much more.

Daffy is a loser. A loveable loser, but a loser nonetheless. He may eventually get his way, but will suffer heavily in the process. Maybe because all writers are sadists. The only person who generally suffers worse than him is Porky Pig. Still, Daffy is a chancer – a rogue. He’s all bluff and bluster. More often than not, he deserves the giant smackdown heading his direction. He’s arrogant and more than a little egomaniacal. He may even be a bit of a sadist himself. Still, he is charming afetr a fashion.

My box sets arrived last week and the better half and myself settled in to watch them of a Saturday evening. Given they are only six minutes long each, there’s no excuse for us watching as we did into the late hours. We sampled quite a broad selection – from Road Runner (always a favourite) to Speedy Gonzales to Pepe La Pew to Foghorn Leghorn to some non-established characters. The presentation was fanatstic, with the sound as crisp as it had ever been and the cartoons themselves lovingly restored. I doubt they’ve ever looked this good (even though there are still cases of grain – not surprising given the age of the animation).

If you are in any way a fan of classic animation, these sets are a musthave. I haven’t even begun to wade through the tonnes of extras that come with the archival-quality boxsets. I’ve been too busy watching classics like Rabbit of Seville (Bugs and Elmer at the Opera!), Duck Amuck (Daffy gets into an argument with his animator), Operation: Rabbit (Wile E. Coyote speaks!), For Scent-imental Reasons (Pepe La Pew wins an Oscar!) and the dozens of other classics scattered across the sets. I’m not too hot on the way the disks are put together (they are ordered by inconsistent themes rather than chronologically), as who wants to sit through fourteen Speedy Gonzales shorts in a row or fifteen Bugs Bunny?

Still, those are minor complaints. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

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