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Wednesday Comics: The Flash

Earlier this week I reviewed Wednesday Comics, a rather spanking anthology from DC Comics. I kinda figured, however, it might be worth my while to break out some of those fifteen stories on their own (but not all of them) and discuss them, as it’s easy to lose sight of a particular writer/artist’s work in an anthology. So I figured I’d start with the best of the bunch, The Flash.

I think it’s safe to say that the Flash is on a road to reinvention. Writer Geoff Johns, who pioneered the resurrection of Green Lantern as one of the company’s most successful properties (and one of the most impressively consistent books), is currently working on a relaunched Flash series, that looks to follow the pattern set by Green Lantern. There are rumours of Warner Brothers greenlighting a movie. The scarlet speedster is definitely in an upswing. Still, one of the best things to happen to the character in… quite a while, actually, is this twelve-page comic in Wednesday Comics, written and illustrated by Karl Kerschl, with some help from Brenden Fletcher. It’s easily the best comic of the collection, but it also stands as a proud testament to the possibilities of the character, one of the original Silver Age heroes.

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