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New Podcast! The X-Cast X-Files Podwatch – Episode #84 (Patience/Roadrunners)

I’m thrilled to be a part of The X-Cast X-Files Podwatch, a daily snippet podcast rewatching the entirety of The X-Files between now and the launch of the new season. It is something of a spin-off of The X-Cast, a great X-Files podcast run by the charming Tony Black. Tony has assembled a fantastic array of guests and hosts to go through The X-Files episode-by-episodes. With the new season announced to be starting in early January, Tony’s doing two episodes of the podcast per day, so buckle up. We’re in the home stretch.

The eight season of The X-Files had a two-part season premiere, so why shouldn’t the eighth season of The X-Cast X-Files Podwatch? Reteaming with the wonderful and gracious Tony Black, I’m taking a look at the third and fourth episodes of the eighth season, Patience and Roadrunners. One of them is very efficient and very well-made, while one of them is a genuine late-X-Files masterpiece.

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