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3epkano Performing Live Accompaniment to Metropolis, National Concert Hall, 17th July 2014!

Irish post-rock band 3epkano are ten years old this year. To celebrate their tenth anniversary, the band performing a live musical accompaniment to Fritz Lang’s iconic 1927 science-fiction classic Metropolis. A movie that helped to shape an entire genre, Metropolis will be screened in its original format, set to an original score composed and performed by 3epkano. It’s a staggeringly ambitious concert, and a fantastic way to celebrate ten years of music-making.


A classic of German expressionist cinema, a triumph of silent movie-making and a reminder of just how iconic and influential Fritz Lang was, Metropolis is an epic that really deserves to be seen on a large screen. It looks to be one of the cinematic highlights of the summer, and well worth checking out for anybody with even a passing interest in the history of cinema.

The concert will take place in the National Concert Hall at 8pm on Thursday, 17th July 2014. It’s a wonderful excuse to see a classic through fresh eyes, with Lang’s work on Metropolis looking as impressive today as it did almost ninety years ago. Tickets are available via the National Concert Hall website.

Superhero Movie Fatigue? I Tire of This Argument…

It’s becoming a frequent complaint that there are “too many” superhero films. When Green Lantern crashed and burned last year, there were a rake of articles lauding it as “superhero fatigue.” Even before this summer kicked off, people were asking if “fatigue” had kicked in. Ignoring for a moment that The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are the two most successful films of the year, I’ve never quite understood that argument. There were, after all, three (or four, if you count the dire Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance) superhero-themed blockbusters this year. Do audiences get “period drama fatigue” if more than four high-profile period dramas are released in a year? Are there widespread cases of “cop movie fatigue” if more than half-a-dozen movies feature a law enforcement official in a lead role? Is there a cap on the number of films that Ryan Gosling can produce, lest he inspire an epidemic of “Ryan Gosling fatigue”?

Twilight of the superheroes?

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