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Win! Tickets to Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa with ClickOnline Movie Nights!

Thanks to the lovely folds over at ClickOnline Movie Nights, we have a pair of tickets to give away to a preview screening of Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa next Monday night (21st October) in Rathmines. To be in for a chance to win, just fill out the form below.


The guys at ClickOnline have been doing a bunch of these screenings – their last one was a screening of the horror film of the summer, The Conjuring – so head on over to their site to sign up to be kept up to date.


Non-Review Review: The Conjuring

The Conjuring feels like a culmination of the nostalgia trip that we’ve seen with recent horrors like Insidious or Sinister, a conscious attempt to move away from the gore-laiden or found-footage-heavy approach to contemporary horror. Indeed, The Conjuring owes a fairly sizeable debt to director James Wan’s previous horror effort, Sinister. Not only does the film inherit leading man Patrick Wilson, it also follows roughly the same structure, right down to “paranormal investigators explore the house in a briefly humourous interlude.”

However, The Conjuring flows a lot easier than Insidious and is spared the third-act problems that plagued Sinister. The film is stronger for the honesty of its nostalgia. Even the title card is rendered in a font that looks like it could have been used for a forgotten seventies possession horror. The Conjuring doesn’t really push the boat out, and there’s nothing that will startle hardcore horror veterans, but there’s a very clear skill in its construction, an honesty to its affection and a sincerity to its charm that helps the film rise above so many contemporary horrors.

They ain't afraid of no ghosts...

They ain’t afraid of no ghosts…

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