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Taking the Mickey: Vote Mickey Rourke No.1

They’re describing tomorrow’s election as one for the history books. The eyes of the world are on Ireland at the moment. However, my eyes are squarely on a dark horse candidate: Mickey Rourke. Bavaria Beer, the favoured beverage of many a young student, are running an Irish campaign based around the big screen icon – urging voters to put their faith in the Oscar-nominated lovable lug. I have to say, I actually think the campaign’s kinda cool. If only because I’ve always heard of advertising campaigns carried out by actors overseas, but it’s kinda cool to see one first hand in my own country. I realise that Rourke himself is probably unaware of the campaign, but it’s nice to know that the Irish election has garnered enough attention to attract this sort of wonderful parody.

All you Americans take note: you might have a surprise candidate in 2012. You can’t argue with the policies. Because Mickey might wrestle you if you do.

Note: I don’t actually drink myself, so don’t consider this an endorsement in any way shape or form. It’s just a reflection on an interesting advertising campaign.