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Watch! Interstellar Trailer!

The trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is here, and it looks typically bold and ambitious. As a sci-fi fan (and no small admirer of Nolan’s work) I am really looking forward to this one. Check out the trailer below:

8 Responses

  1. I am like you, really excited for this now. Trailer did a great job and showing off the film without giving too much away

  2. How come you never do articles about film and TV anymore? You seem to only do movie and comic reviews now.

    • That’s actually a very good question, Justin.

      I’m not actually sure of the answer. I suspect there are a lot of reasons. Superficially, part of it is simply down to time. I’ve been under a bit of time pressure over the last year or so, and the movie reviews and comic book reviews can be produced quickly to (I hope) a solid standard. I’ve tried to broaden the commentary in those reviews to encapsulate what might have been stand-alone articles before, but don’t always succeed.

      Part of it may be down to the fact that comics and current movie reviews are an area where I think that there’s not really that much in-depth discussion. Sure, you get features about current movies, but quite a few of the releases slip by under the radar, as opposed to big movie news or announcements. Similarly, mainstream comic books don’t tend to get too much scrutiny or discussion as a media form. I kinda want to be able to probe areas that aren’t too well trodden, and at least get in relatively quick so I can claim a stake on my ideas. I was accused of plagiarism for an article I wrote last year. Obviously I didn’t do it, but the timing was unfortunate since their article pre-dated mine. It was a deeply unpleasant experience, and I think that posting current movie reviews and comics avoids that. (I do also work very hard to verify my sources and reference my work.)

      Part of it may also be due to the fact that I am hoping to put together a body of work I might be able to publish as a book at some point down the line. At the moment, I am trying to draft a comprehensive critical history of the Star Trek franchise, which I’m publishing on-and-off here. (In January and February, I did some TNG; in Sept and Oct I’ll do some DS9 and VOY, which are pretty much all scheduled; in Nov, I’m actually doing a year of the X-Files, which is a quarter done; in Dec. I’ll do some TOS.) Just on a personal writing level, I’m enjoying doing that sort of progressive sequential work. I know that I have done three-sevenths of DS9 and TNG, for example, and completing that will be a body of work I can be proud of.

      And, finally, I do think I might be a little fatigued. It’s been a tough year for me. There was some family stuff last April that really took the wind out of me. I’m trying to get a big run of blog posts ready for the Winter so I can just have some quiet time and come back refreshed. I am frequently up late just getting everything in order and updating links and stuff.

      Sorry for the long and rambling answer. But I will be doing some TV reviews from September straight through to April, hopefully, and build up enough space for a breather.

      • That’s probably a more thorough answer than I deserved but I appreciate the thought you put into it. You put out an impressive amount of content and it’s fantastic. Thanks for all that you do.

      • Nah, it’s a fair point, and I do want to wade back into opinion pieces and stuff like that at some point in the future. That’s the great thing about a blog – your own schedule and your own choices. I just want to see if I can actually finish some of the stuff I’ve started first. (Most notably, I want to see if I can complete a single rewatch of a decent-sized (~178 episodes) classic television show.)

  3. An interesting film. I hope its not all in the trailer.

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