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Watch! Only God Forgives UK Trailer!

Only God Forgives is just about my most anticipated movie of the year. Drive was my favourite film of 2011, so the re-teaming of director Nicholas Winding Refn and lead Ryan Gosling immediately piques my interest. Coupled with the power of the premise and the beauty of the clips we’ve seen so far, it’s very hard not to get too excited about the film. Luckily, it’s only a month away from release in the UK and Ireland. That’s not too long, and to tide us over, here’s the latest beautiful-looking UK trailer.


3 Responses

  1. I’m really looking forward to this film, even if the critics at Cannes seemingly loathed it. I loved Drive and want to see what Nicholas and Ryan have in store for us this time.

    • Didn’t realise that they loathed it. Thought it was mixed, sort of like Drive was? Still, can’t wait for it.

      • Well, The Guardian did love it, so I suppose –out of the few critics that have reviewed it– the film gave a mixed reaction. I just remember reading it had been booed! Perhaps by the audience as a whole. Still looking forward to it.

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