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Watch! New Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Trailer!

Comedy sequels are, as a rule, a dodgy proposition. After all, you generally assume that the first film – if was successful – had really mined the premise for all it was worth. There’s a tendency to turn comedy sequels into remakes starring the same cast, as there’s an understandable reluctance to meddle too heavily with a successful formula and cast. So I’ll admit that I am a little nervous about Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Still, the trailer looks promising, and updating the characters to the eighties (complete with obligatory Journey soundtrack) could provide enough of a shake-up to keep things interesting. It helps that the original film has – I’d argue – one of the great comedy ensembles, and I trust Ferrell, Carrell, Rudd and Koechner to keep the sequel fresh. It looks worth a shot at least, and it certainly reminds me of what I liked so much about the original Anchorman without seeming like too much of a retread.

Check it out below.

8 Responses

  1. I had no idea sequel was on the way – I’m so out of the loop re films at the moment! 🙂 This and The Wolf of Wall Street are two to watch out for – any more recommendations?

    • Only God Forgives is my one remaining “must watch” film of the year. It looks absolutely stunning.

      • Superman got some really bad reviews. Is it still worth a cinema trip?

      • Probably a wait-for-DVD, to be honest.

        It’s… polarising. Love it or hate it sort of stuff. So it’s a gamble. If you loved the Donner films, it’s probably best to wait. If you thought Superman should seem more powerful or even more human, and you don’t mind relentless action (or think too hard about the implications of stuff like buildings exploding), then it might be worth a shot. I am torn on it, to be honest. I love the first forty-five minutes… and then it just turns into one gigantic action scene.

        Imagine Batman Begins, with the last half-hour stretched over an hour and a half, and you have a sense of Man of Steel.

    • I decided to give it a miss and finally watched Lost in La Mancha instead. Time well spent. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Kristen Wiig’s presence is an instant winner, looks like it won’t be horribly disappointing, phew!

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