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Watch! New Man of Steel Trailer!

It’s safe to say that I’m somewhat skeptical of a new live action Superman movie, particularly after the mess that was Superman Returns. That said, I’m growing cautiously optimistic about Man of Steel. The latest trailer helps, and it seems that David Goyer and Christopher Nolan (and Zack Snyder) have hit upon some of the character’s core themes – particularly the idea that Superman is more of an aspirational figure than a guy who can hit things really hard. The new trailer offers glimpses of the supporting cast. Amy Adams sounds pretty great as Lois Lane, not that there was any doubt. It’s also nice to see the wonderful Michael Shannon in full-blown villain mode. Although it looks like Zod will swear vengeance against the House of El again, Shannon’s performance looks to be a completely different tack from Terrence Stamp’s iconic performance. And that’s a good thing, as much as I love Stamp’s Zod.

Anyway, check out the trailer below, and let me know what you think.

8 Responses

  1. I’m suddenly excited for this film! It’s taken a while, but that trailer just did it 😀

    • I’ve been more curious than excited. I’m a Superman fan, but Returns and the script for Lives just smothered any enthusiasm I might have had for a cinematic outing. This, on the other hand, looks pretty great. I know Nolan is only a producer, but this looks like it adopts his wonderful “what’s this all about?” approach which found something new and interesting to say about Batman.

  2. This trailer is gonna get reviewed hard!

    • There’s a lot there, which is nice, but particularly because it gives away relatively little of the plot. It’s all conceptual stuff, and it seems to indicate this team has a great grasp of the character and his core concepts.

  3. YES YES YES!!! Cannot wait!

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