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Watch! Kick-Ass 2 International Trailer!

It has been a big day for trailers. First The Wolverine gets two trailers, now Kick-Ass 2 gets an international trailer. Focusing on Hit Girl, the breakout character of the first film, seems like a shrewd idea.

Part of me is a little nervous though. The first film worked so well because it came out of nowhere as a strangely affectionate deconstruction of the superhero genre. Without director Matthew Vaughn and writer Jane Goldman, and with the presence of Jim Carrey, I wonder if the film might have lost some bite.

There’s a lot of slowmo and upfront ridiculousness here, and a sense that some of the cynicism may have been slightly toned down. Moretz is older, so the character of Hit Girl is less brutal parody of Robin and other teen sidekicks. Johnson has bulked up, so he looks more like Hugh Jackman and less like a fan playing dress-up at a convention.

Still, I’m cautiously hopeful. After all, the reason the original film was more fun than the graphic novel that inspired it was because it very clearly harboured some kooky sentimental feelings for the genre, and Kick Ass remains the best cinematic skewering of comic book movies ever made. Apologies to Super and Watchmen.

Plus, the trailer opens with a rather wonderful sense that the movie is having a great deal of fun sending a pint-sized killing machine to cheer leading try-outs, so there’s that.
Anyway, enough jabber. Check out the trailer below.

One Response

  1. I much prefer the first trailer.

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