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Watch! New Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer!

I’m pretty excited for the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness, especially since it’s now releasing a week earlier in the UK and Ireland. Anyway, there’s a new trailer released, which continues the trend of telling us absolutely nothing about the film while teasing the sense of fun and character dynamics that we all know and love. Check out the trailer below.

4 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:
    LOVE IT!!!
    Thanks To “the m0vie blog” For This One!!! 😀
    Very VERY Excited!!!

    • Thanks. I love how they can release these without spoiling anything. Nobody knows who John Harrison is… well, everybody thinks they knows, but I’m amazed it hasn’t leaked.

      • I’ve HEARD It’s Gary Mitchell, But I’ve Also Heard It Was Khan. Honestly, I’m Hoping For Gary Mitchell. hahaha
        I Want Something Even More New, And Gary Mitchell Is Such An Oldie But Not Fully Explored Goodie/Baddie Of The Classic Series.
        I’d Be Fine With Khan, Sure, But Mr. Mitchell Gets My Vote Of Confidence hehehe Whatever THAT Means!

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing an updated Garth of Izar, but the latest trailer makes it look like it’s a new guy. Which I actually would kinda like. I don’t want the movie to feel beholden to characters created fifty years ago, and I say that as somebody currently working my way through a re-watch of classic Star Trek on blu ray and loving every moment of it. (Though I haven’t hit The Alternative Factor yet, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

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