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New Skyfall Trailer

Sony have released the latest trailer for the new Bond film Skyfall. I will say that I am very much looking forward to it, and leave at that.

Also, I didn’t think Javier Bardem could appear scarier than he did in No Country for Old Men. I was wrong.

And here’s a slightly different international version of the trailer.

4 Responses

  1. I’m already disappointed in myself for watching that, looks great, but will actively dodge everything I can until the release date.

  2. I’m not sure why every Bond villain in the Craig universe all seem to be slightly effeminate and sniveling. What’s with the blond hair? That being said, the movie looks very slick. I like how Craig seems to be playing a more traditional Bond rather than a Jason Bourne type character. In a way, he reminds me of what Pierce Brosnan did in Goldeneye: he has all the classic elements of James Bond while feeling fresh for a modern audience. While he seemed fresh in Casino Royale (let’s not talk about Quantum of Solace), he never seemed like a real James Bond to me.

    • I interpretted the blonde hair as a shout out to Christopher Walken as Max Zorin. I think Bardem is – and correct me if I’m wrong – the first Oscar-winning baddie since Walken? The trailer seems pretty heavy on references to past stories. Bond dying is from You Only Live Twice and the handprint gun is from Licence to Kill. I hope it doesn’t turn out like Die Another Day’s “spot the reference”, but I don’t mind Bond celebrating his fiftieth anniversary with the occasional bit of nostalgia. And I trust Mendes to keep the story on track.

      I got that as well, that sense of traditional Bond values. There’s obviously Q, and the very gadget-y hand-print gun. There’s the number of shots of Bond in a tuxedo in a posh foreign locale. And there’s what is probably already one of my favourite “Craig Bond” moments, pausing to adjust his cifflinks after what looks like an impressive stunt. GoldenEye is a great example, because I think that Brosnan was, in his first two films, pretty much the perfect blend of human weapon and suave secret agent. Brosnan’s Bond was as cold as Craig’s, but he had a touch of class. (After all, Tomorrow Never Dies ends with Bond murdering an unarmed senior citizen by throwing him into a “shredding torpedo.”)

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