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James Bond Skyfall Teaser Released…

I’m a big Bond fan, so any bit of news about Skyfall is going to be of interest. Sony have released the teaser, which seems like the one that debuted at Cinema Con a little while back. I have to admit, I like the look of it. It looks to retain the same psychological complexity of the better recent Bond films (Casino Royale or GoldenEye) but with sacrificing any of the class or sophistication (like Quantum of Solace did, arguably). Featuring a stunning cast, an amazing director and released to celebrate the franchise’s fiftieth birthday, this is definitely one to watch. Check out the teaser below. It looks beautiful, featuring wonderful saturation in places – almost like one of the sixties films but with the character work from more modern instalments.

6 Responses

  1. I’m not really a big fan. But i love watching this movies. I remembered when I accidentally purchase James Bond movie instead of buying funny cartoon movie for my kid. We end up watching late that night with my 4 year old boy.

    • They were an essential part of my childhood. It’s amazing how many of those sequences I fondly recall, even if they weren’t technically that impressive. (Or aren’t by today’s standards.)

  2. I’m amazed at how many essentially static shots there are in the trailer, especially after the frenetic shaky-cam action of “Quantum of Solace.” I have no idea what the story of this film is, but it doesn’t seem to indicate the typical megalomaniac trying to take over the world plot (though it could very well be exactly that). This seems to be a true spy thriller, and that makes it intriguing.

    • I do think that’s a conscious effort. Discussing this with people, the consensus seems to be that it looks like a classier and more conventional affair. That would explain the emphasis on the tux and on the distinctly British iconography. But, it is Mendes, so I expect it be that rare combination of thoughtful and fun. I think, though, the word is that this is a more “intimate” story with all the large and extravagant set pieces one would expect – I believe it’s focused on M, which is cool, as characters outside of Bond (and even Bond himself) tend to get the short shrift with characterisation.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of the trailer. It seems to be trying to be both a quiet teaser and a big and loud one at the same time. There were too many quick cuts that prevented any image from lingering and making an impression. But fast cuts made it difficult to get much out of the action either. It just felt a little muddled. I’m sure the movie will be great though.

    • Fair point. Although, as Jamie noted, I liked the fact that so many quick shots were of stationary objects. Bond isn’t running or brawling, he’s standing.

      I liked, for lack of a better word, the “Britishness” of the trailer. Since Die Another Day, the Bond films have been consciously Americanised, almost apologising for their Britishness. (In the three films since that point, Bond is shown to be dependent in some capacity on American intelligence, and the most nationalist of the British iconography in Die Another Day (the parachute) is associated with the villain.)

      Here, we have the Scottish highlands, the Union flag draped over coffins, lots of MI6, what looks like the London underground. I reckon, with the Olympics in London (and Bond even apparently appearing in a short film to celebrate that), Skyfall might be the most unapologetically British Bond film in quite some time. Given that the “Britishness” of the character is perhaps his most iconic facet, I’m psyched.

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