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Win! Tickets to the Jameson Cult Film Club Screening of Snatch, in Cork! (Closing Tomorrow)

I’m a big fan of the Jameson Cult Film Club. It’s a great excuse to celebrate cinema in a delightful unconventional way. Literally transforming the screening into a scene or location from the film,a s well as bringing key scenes to life, it’s a wonderfully awesome way to enjoy cult classics. So far, the screenings have – as far as I’m aware – been confined to Dublin. However, this time, the wonderful team behind the Jameson Cult Film Club are bringing Snatch to Cork. And we have four tickets to give away, to one lucky individual and three mates.

I’ll be closing the competition at 9am on the 23rd May 2012. Courtesy of the nice folks at the Jameson Cult Film Club, here’s an example of what’s in store.

I had the pleasure of catching the Guy Ritchie cult classic when they screened it in Dublin. Turning the Tivoli into a halting site, staging boxing matches and delivering the safety announce translated from Brad Pitt’s indecipherable Irish accent it was a really wonderful night. You see some screenshots included here, to give you an idea of the fantastic atmosphere created.

If you are in Cork on May 24th, I’d really try to get my hands on a set of tickets. We have one set to give away, but you can also sign up and apply for tickets via the Jameson Cult Film Club website. And the best part? All tickets are given away absolutely free.

Would you ‘adam and eve it’ the Jameson Cult Film Club is coming to Cork on May 24th with an electrifying screening of the gangster classic Snatch. Following on from the highly successful screenings of cult classics Reservoir Dogs, Alien and The Usual Suspects, The Jameson Cult Film Club are bringing the experience on the road! 

The Jameson Cult Film Club is all about watching your favourite cult films at spectacular screenings staged to transport the audience right into the world of the movie. These free events are not just your typical screening, as characters from the movie, live theatre and special effects timed perfectly with on-screen action help to create an electric atmosphere throughout the screening.

The venue is only revealed to lucky ticket holders and will be completely transformed into a series of sets from the film; including an open trailer park outside and a boxing ring.  Guests will also be treated to ‘Micky O’Neill’ burgers and ‘Turkish’ sausages while enjoying the refreshing Jameson Whiskey Sour cocktails.

To be in with a chance to win, simply answer the question below.

This competition is now closed. The winner will be notified shortly.

The contact details provided are only used to contact the eventual winner. Applicants must be over 18 and able to attend a screening in Cork on the 24th May.

Please enjoy Jameson responsibly. Snatch copyright Columbia Pictures.

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  1. Not able to be there but your post sure intrigued me.

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