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See The Dictator First – The London Premiere Streaming Live to Selected Irish Cinemas

Read our review of The Dictator.

The lovely folks at Paramount sent around a release about the upcoming Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Dictator, which is being released on May 16th. They are streaming the London premiere live to selected Irish cinemas, so if you are in Dublin, Galway, Cork or Belfast and want to get a sneak peak, the details (and links) are below:

For one night only, before the release of The Dictator hits cinemas ( May 16)  4 cinemas in Ireland will host special screenings with a live link  in to  the World Premiere screening in London at the Royal Festival,  The Eye Cinema in Galway, The Odyssey Cinema in Belfast, The Omniplex in Cork –  and limited number of tickets to  the Irish Premiere Screening at the Savoy. Doors open at 6pm and  there will be a live link in till 7.15pm where you can experience the red carpet and presenter Alex Zane will host  and then see the film first at this special event. For more details and to book tickets please check out their respective  websites  and box office

I’ve already nipped down to the Savoy and picked up a ticket. At the very least, it looks to be one of the more interesting blockbuster releases this summer.

Please note that the trailer below is kinda spoiler-y.

2 Responses

  1. I’m hoping audiences react to this more like Borat and less like they did with Bruno.

    • We’ll see. It certainly looks more accessible than Bruno. Indeed, it actually looks quite linear and scripted, as opposed to the more improvised style of the earlier films.

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