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Announcing m0vie blog: the book!

And it’s official, I am a published author. My book, Pass the Popcorn: A Movie Memoir of 2011, went on-sale from Amazon.com last night, and can be purchased for the low-low price of $1.22 ($0.99 + tax) by clicking here. It’s basically a collection of essays and articles I wrote for the site, collected in one place, from 2011 and earlier. It’s really just an attempt to take some of my essays on film and bundle them up in a way to maybe raise the profile of the blog.

While I’ve drafted a new introduction and revised some of the pieces, all the articles can be found in some way, shape or form on the blog. Still, if you like it, tell a friend, pass it on. Get it as a gift for the film nerd in your life. If it’s successful, I’ll put together another collection next year. If it isn’t, well, at least it was worth a shot. Even after tax, you’re paying less than 1c for every 600 words, so what do you have to lose?

The blog has always been tremendously personal, a place for me to share my hastily-formed poorly-articulated thoughts on the movie issues of the day. Nothing was too big for me to share a random couple of thoughts about it, nor was anything too small. I’m happy with that, and that’s what the blog, hopefully, will continue to be. A place for me talk randomly about incredibly esoteric movie stuff.

Anyway, it’s been a tremendous year for the blog, in terms of readership and popularity. Since I won the Irish Blog Award back in March, things have taken off, and I’ve just been delighted with how everything’s gone. So I’d like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement, and even just for reading. It was a great 2011. I’d feel guilty asking for a better 2012, but hopefully it can be just as good. All I can hope is that I can continue to improve as a writer and eventually justify the run of good luck I’ve been having.


11 Responses

  1. Awesome, if I had a kindle I’d totally hit that! Congratulations, and keep ’em coming. It’s been good to watch the site grow to quickly.

    • “so quickly”!!

      • Yep, I had my better half proof the book for typos. I was amazed at some of the stuff I missed.

    • Thanks Paul, much appreciated. To be honest, I think I’m chancing my arm with the book, but my dad suggested it and it means I can pretentiously call myself an “author.” I somehow suspect I’ll be lucky if I can shift one copy!

  2. Hi Darren, congratulations mate! That is fantastic, so happy for you! Is your book available on android? If so I may just have to re-get the Kindle app and download (after getting some more space on my Wildfire) your book. You know I actually had a few thoughts about doing something similar myself. I wasn’t so sure it’d be worth the effort but you’ve got me back tracking. Love the title by the way, I like ‘Blogging isn’t writing, it’s just graffiti with punctuation…’ But it’s a bit on the long side. Your’s is succinct. Well done sir!

    • I thought about that and a picture of Elliott Gould, but it was a bit of a mouthful.

      And totally do it. What the hell do you have to lose?

      • When you put it like that… Is it much of a thing to do? Not sure of the mechanics of it. Feel free to share 🙂

      • Nothing too much. Keep in mind I’ve only sold like ten copies, so I might not be the best person!

  3. Finally something worth reading on my Kindle Fire! Nice one mate I hope 2012 is even better for you than 11.

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