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November 2011 In Review

I’m running a bit behind on everything this week, so I’ll try to keep this brief and get it published before midnight. This is just a post I do at the end of the month to help people who might end up trawling the archives by months trying to make sense of what’s going on. Being honest, it’s mainly for me, if I ever want to trawl back and marvel at how poorly formulated (and occasionally just incorrect) my ideas happened to be.

Anyway, November 2011 was a strange month. A lot to get done, and so little time to get it done in. It’s Christmas soon, which is insane. Anyway, I got very lucky and happened to get featured on the IMDb hit list twice in the month, in quick succession.

The first piece, an article about the lesser-regarded works of well-known directors went up over a weekend…

And the second, a more controversial and divisive piece about suspension of disbelief, went up the Tuesday of the next week.

I know that I don’t do this for the kudos – and that this is a very nice cherry on top of something I do just to vent my own crazy and insane thoughts on film – but it’s always awesome to be honoured by those people who know film. I’m always glad to see a link come from a forum or another article, because it means that I’m hopefully contributing in some small way to a discussion.

But enough of that. Onwards and upwards! 2012 approaches, and I’ve got some medium-scale plans. 2013 is where the action is. Mark your diaries for that!

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