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the m0vie blog goes on holiday!

Hi guys,

Just a note that I’m taking the next week off. Things have been a bit hectic of late with me (with work and other commitments, including this blog and other things), so I’m looking forward to a week of doing nothing. I’ll be taking the time to get up-to-date on the comments, do a bit of forward planning (have we got some stuff planned for this year, the next one and the one after that!) and just chillaxing a bit. There may be a post or two in the meantime, but regular service will resume on the 26th September.

In the meantime, take a look at the blogroll – there’s, as ever, some great stuff on there – or browse the archives. Have a good one!

5 Responses

  1. Everyone needs a break. I’ve been running a quarter impulse power for a few months now. High time I kicked myself back into gear but enjoy yourself while you’re off.

    Don’t go staring at that thing for too long, however, or you might get delusional.

  2. Have a great holiday and enjoy your time off! Everyone needs some from time to time!

  3. Enjoy the break and possibly Culture Night!

  4. A very well deserved break. In the mean time enjoy a film just for the sake of watching a film.

  5. Enjoy the time off. You, sir, are a machine! I can’t believe the amount of stuff you are posting each day.

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