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Meme of the Moment: Clockbusters 2

Everyone loves sequels, right? The most fun movie meme I’ve seen in a while got a little more fun. The guys over at Veer have added a second round of the superb Clockbusters and you can find it here. It seems just a little bit tougher this time around, but that just makes it more fun.

I’m currently on 47 out of 50.

72 Responses

  1. 44/50 so far. I couldn’t get the british egg/bald father son, the static tv/cross/woods, the gnome/photo/paris, the operation/flatline/evil kid, sick guy/trumpets/speedometer, and desert/kid on shoulders/dome.

    My favorite one was Wrath of Khan.

    • I love that one (hence the picture).

      Hold on, I’ll try to see any of these I got…

      british egg/bald father son (Austin Powers – I think it’s a British wing mirror and meant to Dr. Evil and Mini Me).
      the static tv/cross/woods (think it’s Poltergeist?)
      the operation/flatline/evil kid (Flatliners)
      sick guy/trumpets/speedometer (didn’t get that one)
      desert/kid on shoulders/dome (didn’t get that one either)

      I just know I’m going to feel like an idiot when somebody does. 🙂

      • Ha, ha, I thought the british egg one was some obscure British movie I had never heard of. Oops.

        I just realized that sick guy/trumpets/speedometer is Ferris Bueler’s Day Off.

        I’ve never even heard of Flatliners. It’s funny how many of these movies I’ve gotten without even seeing them (Die Hard, Risky Business, etc.)

        That Gnome one and the Baby shoulders one are going to haunt me the rest of the day.

      • Oh the gnome on is Amelie! Sorry, missed it in your comment the first time around.

        Good call on Ferris, by the by – but you’ve never seen Die Hard?

      • Nah, I haven’t seen Die Hard. 80’s action movies were never part of my childhood.

      • sick guy one is ferris buellers day off

      • Good spot!

  2. After conferring with friends, we figured out that the gas pump/father-son/dome is Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

  3. smoking gun, skull in armor, chainsaw???

  4. 48 of 50. Stumped on old man sleeping/typewriter/sledgehammer and heart/knight’s helmet/speech maker

  5. guy with leather jacket / red skirt and legs of a girl / girl applying lipstick with car window as mirror ???

  6. Stumped on:
    Road / Robbery / Glue on man’s face
    Colosseum/ Roman / Thumbs down
    Cowgirls / Police / Canyon
    Clay pot/ coins/ woman with braided hair
    Open for business sign/ store/ reaching for something
    Big tie/ rolling pin/ bloody mask
    Compass/ wooden tablets/ road
    Sunglasses/ hooked/ mantle (?)

  7. Road/Robbery/Glue – Mission: Impossible
    Colosseum/Roman/Thumb – Gladiator
    Cowgirls/Police/Canyon – Thelma and Louise
    Clay pot/coins/braids – Ghost
    Motel sign/ store/ shower curtain – Psycho
    big tie/rolling pin/zombie – shaun of the dead
    Compass/wooden tables (tomb)/road – The Mummy
    Sunglasses/Hooked/Mantle – Risky Business

    Now, my turn…HELP! These are my last 3 unknowns:
    helicopter sunset/surfboard/guy in pool – ??
    laughing face/elf ears/bug in ear – ??
    card dealer/martini/venice – ??

  8. Open for business sign/ store/ reaching for something in the store (all black and white)

  9. Prairie/baseball/man with tools
    Phone/mask/people runnung
    dad reading to son/six fingers/ two glasses
    HELP Pleasee 🙂

    • Prairie/baseball/man with tools -> Field of Dreams

      Phone/mask/people runnung -> Scream

      cars/airplaines/trains -> Planes, Trains & Automobiles

      nun/newspaper/mountain -> The Sound of Music(?)

      dad reading to son/six fingers/ two glasses -> Princess Bride

  10. what is the one with the fish football player and kid

    I tried waterboy D:?

  11. I still dont have:
    astronaut/gorilla/statue of liberty
    2 kids/axe/snowy park
    goldfish/football player/kid

    • Off the top of my head:

      hat/milk/eyelash – A Clockwork Orange
      tower/gun/shoulder – Die Hard
      astronaut/gorilla/statue of liberty – Planet of the Apes
      bag/cheerleader/roses – American Beauty
      2 kids/axe/snowy park – The Shining
      goldfish/football player/kid – Jerry Maguire

  12. whats the one with the guy in hospital/flatline/half a kid with a red hood

  13. The only one I can’t get is the helicopter/ surfboard/ guy in water

  14. Anyone figure out what the one with the razor / chair / meat one is?!?

  15. I’m stumped on the kid watching tv/cross in field/spooky tree

  16. Rock band, phone booth, Lincoln statue?
    It’s the only one I don’t have!

  17. bowling/hangover/wheelchair=?
    gas pump/father-son/dome=?

    • bowling/hangover/wheelchair=The Big Lebowski
      gas pump/father-son/dome=Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (?)
      office/stapler/xerox=Office Space
      snake/plane/snake=Snakes on a Plane

  18. what was the killer whale one?

  19. the only one I can’t get is the photographer/jumping/kissing one

  20. can’t get the one with rock band / phone booth/ lincoln; and the one with 3 animals… isn’t it ice age???

  21. what the;
    old man sleeping/typewriter/sledge hammer
    plastic bag/ cheerleader / women in bath with roses
    army squad/ surf board + beach/ old man swimming
    man shouting/ elf kid/ bug on ear
    Louvre Pyramid/alphabet puzzle/ the last supper

    • what the;
      Office Space

      old man sleeping/typewriter/sledge hammer

      plastic bag/ cheerleader / women in bath with roses
      American Beauty

      army squad/ surf board + beach/ old man swimming
      Apocalypse Now

      man shouting/ elf kid/ bug on ear
      Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

      Louvre Pyramid/alphabet puzzle/ the last supper
      The DaVinci Code

  22. What is the:

    couple kissing/vampire teeth/dog blue eye?

  23. This one is probably an easy one but for the life of me I can’t put it together…. Anyone out there that knows the answer??

    las vegas sign + baby sleeping + tiger

  24. what is tape+girl+tv screen?

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