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Podge & Rodge for the Irish Cancer Society…

I am big Podge & Rodge fan. I grew up on them, to be honest, with their own unique brand of toilet humour. So when I found out the pair were teaming up with the Irish Cancer Society to raise awareness of bowel cancer, I thought I’d post the video here. I think everyone respects and appreciates the work that the Irish Cancer Society do, and I remember – in college – that the production company behind Podge & Rodge were always eager to supply spot prizes for any fundraising table quiz we might put on. So, when they sent this on, I thought I’d share it.

A word of warning for any Americans stumbling across this video, Podge & Rodge are a… very Irish institution, and a very peculiar sense of humour. It’s the kinda thing that foreigners rarely get to see, so consider yourselves both warned and honoured. The clip is very not safe for work (only language, though).

Yes, they are a national treasure. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of iconic Irish puppets. Take, for example, the 2008 Irish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest:

Apparently those wacky Europeans didn’t react well to us making an even bigger mockery of their singing competition than normal. And in case any Americans reading this need an introduction to the Eurovision, this is fairly accurate parody of what a typical Irish entry to the Eurovision song contest looks like:

So ends our brief introduction to Irish Pop Culture 101.

2 Responses

  1. You know my brother just got back from studying at Trinity, as a result my family may just be the biggest Father Ted fans in America and I’m well versed in the concept of “Having A Horse Outside”.

    But damn I was unprepared for that.

    • Deadly. Trinity is my old stomping grounds. What did he study?

      Yep, I remember the two original Irish puppets, Zig and Zag, trying to move to the UK in the late nineties – but I think they’ve a distinctly Irish brand of humour. They returned about half a decade ago, and they now host the nation’s most popular Saturday morning radio show. They’re still loved and a national institution.

      I love them dearly, but I don’t know quite how any non-Irish people will react to them.

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