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Halloween Costume Fan: Tim Burton’s Superman

With all the buzz around the up-coming Snyder/Nolan Superman reboot, it’s easy to forget that there was a planned relaunch of the franchise in the nineties, at the hands of Tim Burton – who cut his superhero teeth with Batman. Nicolas Cage was planned to play the Man of Steel and Kevin Smith has shared many anecdotes about the ridiculous studio demands (polar bear sentries! giant spiders!). However, special effects creator Steve Johnson has revealed the costume designs he had planned for the character for the nineties reboot (titled Superman Lives!with mandatory exclamation mark!) Check them out below, or visit his facebook page for a closer look.

3 Responses

  1. Those are rather hideous looking.

    On a similar note, but still completely different, I wanted to ask if you have watched “Batman: Under the Red Hood” yet. Watched it on Netflix Instant Play last night, and while I liked it, I was interested in seeing your reaction to it. Of all the blogs that I read, I think you’d be the best at interpreting it.

    • I have actually. I have a review of it scheduled for a big event type thing I’m planning for December. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much – work has been crazy and real life is real life…

      Anyway, Under the Hood is a nice little DCAU movie. The biggest change from the source material (written by the same author) is quite telling. The movie greatly increases the Joker’s involvement in the plot, and hits home why the graphic novel was so effective. In a serial medium like comic books, Batman doesn’t get closure – he never gets to bury the past. He will never recover from the loss of his parents. And Under the Hood is about taking the tragedy of Batman – the fact he can’t ever change anything, because the comic book won’t let him but also because he’d “cross a line” – and rubbing his face in it.

      All the stuff the Joker has done – all the damage to the people around Batman – is compounded by the fact that Batman just lets him live. Batman is complicit in the damage he causes, because he can’t bring himself to end the cycle. “You gonna do something about it, or are you just gonna put me in a bodycast for another six months?” the Joker taunts him at one point like a jilted lover, and the audience sees that Batman is really an impotent character. The story’s central twist – which I won’t spoil here – is about based Batman’s biggest single misstep and calling him on it. Sure, it uses a comic book cliché to do so, but I think that’s forgiveable.

      Being honest, ignoring the Robin side of things, I think these themes would have come into play in Nolan’s sequel had Heath Ledger not passed away – if he was fascinated in deconstructing and reconstructing the character, the next logical step in a Batman-Joker relationship is to examine if Batman can justify not killing him, keeping in mind the damage he will cause.

      I do believe I’m rambling.

      • Completely understand you on the real life thing, haven’t been able to post much myself as of late.

        But yeah, it would’ve bee great to see Nolan head down that direction with the third movie. I mean, you have not one but two tragedies that the Joker caused in TDK, and Batman still feeling the emotional punch from them both.

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