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Internet Advertising…

I love it when movies make an effort to embrace new technology. It can be something as careful and precise as the carefully orchestrated internet campaign of The Dark Knight (“I believe in Harvey Dent”) or the slow and steady burn of Tron Legacy over two years, or it can even be more direct than that. I thought I might share two of the more wonderfully internet-specific trailers I’ve ever seen, released within a week of each other. These are pretty much ways of publicising a movie that could only work on-line. The first is the interactive Scott Pilgrim trailer. As if we needed more reason to get excited about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

A game changer? (click to view)

Okay, so it’s fairly straightforward – click on the screen to unlock facts, featurettes, interviews or trivia – but it’s also quite a bit fun. It plays rather wonderful into the “video game” vibe that the movie is going for. Plus, y’know, if you’re a trivia hound such as myself, you’ll find it cool to discover, for example, that some of the visual cues (“SMACK!”) were inspired by Adam West’s Batman! of which Edgar Wright is apparently a fan.

In fairness, it’s a great interactive way to engage with your audience, particularly us nerds out there. It’s a neat little trick and I haven’t quite seen anything like it before.

It's a blast... (click to view)

Speaking of things which I haven’t seen before, check out this Youtube interview with Sylvester Stallone publicising The Expendables. I can’t embed it (it should become fairly clear why early on), but this is a wonderful example of the sort of sly wink-at-your-audience marketing that the information age has allowed. This would never really have worked on film or even television, but it does here. I love that fourth-wall bending stuff (I am a nerd, after all). I swear, I’m not just publishing it because he told me to.

These are the kinda things I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of – there’s plenty of toying yet to be done. I complained recently that we see too much of a movie before it appears in cinemas, but these trailers manage to engage with the audience without really spoiling anything more than what we’ve seen before – in fact, both use an earlier trailer as a starting point, with additional “bonus” material attached.

I’m impressed.

6 Responses

  1. That Youtube thing was pretty awesome.

    • Is it just me, or has Sly manages to grow even “cooler” with age, managing to balance the nostalgic appeal of his earlier films with embracing new media? He’s all over the bloody internet and seems to adore interaction with his fans, while producing throwbacks to his glory days.

  2. yeah, both these ads are pretty good
    am confident that YouTube thing will be way better than the actual film
    for some reason im a bit excited about Scott Pilgrim, even though its the type of nerd guff i usually steer clear of
    hopefully it doesnt follow the usual ‘good trailer = bad film’ formula

  3. Oh my God.

    I rarely have that reaction, but that Sly advertising is brilliant!

  4. Oh my. Unintentional pun.

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