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Inception Prologue Comic On-Line…

I’m avoiding spoilers for Inception like the plague. But I’m also kind of buzzing about it. Anyway, apparently there’s a relatively spoiler-lite (or free) on-line comic book which will introduce you to the world of Inception – it’s called The Cobol Job and introduces you to the two lead characters. I’m weighing back and forth on whether to check it out myself (I’ll probably buckle tonight), but I figured that this was worth a post for everyone who is as psyched as I am. You can check the comic out here.

Such is the stuff from where dreams are stolen...


3 Responses

  1. “I’m avoiding spoilers for Inception like the plague” Me, too Darren, that’s why I’m not even gonna peek at these comics until AFTER I see the movie. The graphics look great though.

  2. i usually buy books online because i do not have time to visit the local bookstore ..

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