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June in Review

It’s been a hectic June. A fun June, but a hectic one. For those new to the site, this is just a brief index of (what I thought) were the cream of the crop of my thoughts for the month, so I can come back in a few years and laugh my ass at off at my stupid ideas.

The decision of Christopher Nolan not to recast the Joker in Batman 3 led us to ask what “trust” in a director really means – and whether the loss of del Toro would really affect The Hobbit in a good way or a bad way (which was part of a cross-blog event with the rather awesome Andrewhis counter-proposal is here).

Aside from the (arguably objectively) awesome Toy Story 3, we found conclusive proof that Pixar are legendary.

Hollywood’s continued fascination with sequels got to me – but I worried they might simply be replaced with a wave of side-character-centric spin-offs. Of course, there’s no promise that, in the future, these movies will be screened for critics. And Anomalous Materials’ quest to find the greatest comedy of all time led me to wonder if comedies age worse than other films.

Oh, and my brother wrote his first ever review (and first ever guest-article on this site) for Get Him to the Greek.

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