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Congratulations to the LAMMY Nominees…

A well-deserved congratulations to all those shortlisted for the LAMMY’s, the annual awards ceremony run by the wonderful guys over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs (who also deserve a congratulations for all the work they do for us little guys). There are some familiar faces on the list and some I barely know, but well done to all and well-deserved. The nominees are listed here.

8 Responses

  1. I voted for you for most prolific as well as the brainiac award but looks like it wasn’t enough 😦 I would happily give you my two nominations in these categories if I could!

    • Hey, no worries. I didn’t get a nomination because I didn’t really deserve one. Besides, most of the categories line up relatively okay with my votes, so I’m more than happy with the result. And well done you, Mr. Leading The Pack. Well deserved, if you ask me.

  2. Thanks Darren! As you’ve set a blogging standard for me, I nominated you for a number of categories – best reviewer and most prolific included.

  3. Castor… greedy so-and-so with eight noms.
    i too voted for you Dazza, and Im not just saying that to be your friend, cos as you well know, i dont have any friends. or want any.
    wouldnt worry though, Zodiac didnt win any Oscars.
    what im saying is, your blog is like the film Zodiac.
    or something.

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