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The Great and Powerful Downey…

Remember how I mocked the idea of remaking The Wizard of Oz? I may take it back. The rumour is that Oz The Great and Powerful has entered production, a sort of prologue to the book and movie, based on the cult book Brick. It is basically an origin story for the Wizard himself. And rumour has it that Robert Downey Jnr. may be starring, with Sam Mendes directing. I’m waiting for more to get really excited (as, with Iron Man 2 coming out, this is the silly season for Robert Downey Jnr. related stories – we’ll see him linked to everything over the next two weeks), but this is certainly interesting.

I'd be off to see the wizard...

4 Responses

  1. I’m intrigued!
    I wonder if we’ll ever get sick of Robert Downey Jnr after all this Iron Man hype is over…

    • I wonder. Sherlock Holmes will keep him going. I can’t help but feel Downey is the closest we’ve had to a matinee idol since Will Smith in the nineties – a string of blockbuster hits and huge public interest. Smith is still huge, but not in the same way. I imagine the same might happen to Downey – maybe he’ll shuffle a little out of the spotlight, but still remain a name in lights.

  2. Interesting idea. Not sure if this would be a good move for RDJ but I guess we need to learn more about the project first.

    • Yep. I only have a paragraph because there’s not much out there at the moment. But Mendes and Downey are enough to make it worth keeping an eye on.

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