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Desert Island Discs: Who is Taking What…

Congrats again to Andy on running such a fantastically successful Desert Island Discs.

I took the liberty of compiling the selections from the sites that went live this morning to give you an idea of who would be taking what to their desert islands (in case you needed to borrow… or were just curious). The picture is below. Click for a larger version.

Note: Not all the blogs went live this morning – and it’s possible I missed one or two (though I did it methodically). If I did, or if you’ve since added a list, please let me know. If there’s enough interest, I’ll update the list next weekend to give a more comprehensive view.

EDIT: And here it is.

Some notes (because I like trivia):

  • Between us all, we’ll have the completed Indiana Jones trilogy. Because Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull totally doesn’t count. We’ll have incomplete copies of the Lord of the Rings (missing The Return of the King) and the original Star Wars (missing A New Hope) trilogies.
  • There was a bit of hubbub about what we could and couldn’t take – is the list just movies or are other media forms allowed? Various castaways tried to smuggle The Wire and Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on to their island. I acted under the assumption it was just movies, but am not sure if I’d change anything if I could take TV shows or miniseries.
  • The Godfather Part II does not appear on anyone’s list, which surprises me.
  • The Dark Knight is the most essential movie in blogdom (appearing on five islands), though we’ll likely all be borrowing the single copy of Batman Begins out with us.
  • Only one blogger admitted to bringing porn. And possibly imaginary porn at that.

If you’re bored, you can also try ‘island hopping’ or ‘six degrees of desert island discs’ the idea is basically like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where you pick two movies on the list and try to connect them by jumping from list to list where titles overlap. It’s a little nerdy, but still fun.

My own list is here.

17 Responses

  1. Darren thats brilliant that you have put that together. Its really good being able to see which films trended a lot and which ones were unique from other bloggers. Great work putting that together!

    • Thanks, Caz! I mentioned this to Andy during the week – he was thinking about doing something similar, but was too exhausted from putting all this together (and boy did he!), so I kinda stepped in.

  2. Indeed, nice work! Will have to give this an in-depth look.

    By the way, mine was one of the links that wasn’t live earlier. Please do add me to the list. Thanks.

  3. Wow, tks Darren. It’s interesting to see who picked what.

  4. I think Dr. Horrible counts… it is movie-ish, and it is a DVD. It’s only roughly 45 minutes, but it’s still in movie format! 😛

  5. Although I may appear to be the only one ‘brave’ (or dumb) enough to list a porno as essential Ross Vs Ross did have ‘9 Songs’ on their list, which is more explicit than any scuddy I’ve ever seen!!

    Great feature, nice to see them all laid out.

    • Thanks – I considered making a snide remark about 9 Songs, but I think we’ll just all look awkwardly at Ross and his copy of 9 Songs as we’re ferried out to those islands.

  6. ‘scuddy’… good word Para
    have to say Darren, this is brilliant, gonna have a good read, will anyone share my love for Black Rain….?

    • I’m sorry, Ross. But that makes it special. If every film nerd were exiled to desert islands, you’d own the only copy of Black Rain. I may borrow it from time to time to stare at the cover. Michael Douglas in leather. On a motorbike. In the puuurppplllleee raaaaaain! ((oops, I mean, black rain))

  7. of that rundown, heres my Top 8 (not including Black Rain):
    1. Joe versus the Volcano – the ‘other’ Hanks island movie
    2. Cannibal! The Musical – inspired choice
    3. Big Trouble in Little China – Russell rules
    4. Mulan – underrated Disney
    5. Under Seige – Colm Meaney classic
    6. Slither – Rooker, the finest actor of his generation
    7. Beaches – ballsy call. much maligned but great
    8. Clue – best boardgame film ever

    to the person bringing Elizabethtown… I hope your DVD player breaks.

    • “to the person bringing Elizabethtown… I hope your DVD player breaks.”

      LOL, I saw that in the cinema on a doomed date. DOUBLE FAIL.

  8. Holy Hell, dude. I hope you got paid for that!

    • No, it’s an example of the OCD which made it difficult for me to pick The Dark Knight without Batman Begins. It’s kinda funny, but kinda sad.

  9. Dude! This is friggin’ sweet! Thanks for doing this!

    • No worries. I have to update it with those who didn’t make the deadline next week – it actually took less time than you’d think.

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