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Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor (Review)

It’s over.

New Escapist Column! On Ncuti Gatwa’s Casting in “Doctor Who”…

Doctor Who?

New Escapist Column! On a Grand, Unified Theory of Chris Chibnall’s “Doctor Who”…

Doctor, heal thyself.

Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils (Review)

The Sea Devil’s in the details.

New Podcast! The TARDIS Crew – Andrew Cartmel’s Doctor Who and deconstructing children’s television…

The Cartmel Masterplan…

Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks (Review)

An Eve-ning to Remember.

Doctor Who: Flux – Chapter Six: The Vanquishers (Review)

State of Flux.

Doctor Who: Flux – Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux (Review)

State of Flux

Doctor Who: Flux – Chapter Four: Village of the Angels (Review)

A new angel on the Angels?

Doctor Who: Flux – Chapter Three: Once, Upon Time (Review)

Time’s up.