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Watch! Jameson Cult Film Club Fight Club Prank!

The guys over at the Jameson Cult Film Club sent on this video of a prank pulled by several people on their friend. While not quite Project: Mayhem, it’s still worth a look. The video is included below, but just a reminder that you can still enter our draw for a set of tickets, or pop over to the Jameson Cult Film Club website and register there for the screenings next week.

To launch the Jameson Cult Film Club screening of Fight Club on the 4th and 5th of June in Dublin, Jameson helped fans prank a friend. All they had to do was invited them out…for a Jameson.

The Jameson Cult Film Club is a unique consumer experience, bringing cult films to life. The experiences are held in locations high relevant to the film’s theme, genre, set or storyline, in order to transport the audience into the world of the characters and script in a playful, edgy &contemporary way. The experience is brought to life via live theatre and staging.

Subscribe to the channel, Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/JamesonIreland or go to the website www.jamesoncultfilmclub.ie to register for free tickets.



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