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August in Review

It’s the end of August, so this is just a round up of some of the more interesting stuff that popped through my head during the course of the month – hopefully it’ll make things easier for anyone navigating the blog’s archives.
Anyway, I spent the bulk of the month on vacation – though I did get to go to the Edinburgh Fringe – so it was a light month on the old blog.

Still, I re-read Neil Gaiman’s Sandmanall four volumes of it. It holds up as well now as it did when I first read it.

Endings were very much on my mind, as I considered what constitutes a spoiler when a reviewer is commentating on a film, and I also took a closer look at the rather brilliant ending to the rather brilliant Inglourious Basterds. I also wondered if hype can spoil good films, such as the upcoming Avatar?

It was also an interesting debate over G.I. Joe which kinda restarted the whole ‘are critics worthless?’ debate that Transformers 2 sparked earlier this summer. I looked at how the film was being marketed around critics and also at how critics were letting themselves down with their reaction to it. Unfortunately I missed the who Armond White fiasco (I was on holidays), but I may just comment on it soon…

That was about it. Literally. Very quiet month.

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