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Launching The Dark Week – A Week of Batman Features…

It’s a year since The Dark Knight arrived on cinema screens, smashing various records and earning a massively positive critical and commercial reaction. The Bat himself turned seventy earlier this year and his influence over popular culture shows no sign of fading – even if Bruce Wayne is ‘dead’. Over the next week, to celebrate these two facts, we’ll be running a series of articles looking both at the film and the character – from a review of the film to a look at the iconic status of the Joker and why we love the Nolan franchise so much, as well as thoughts on where it might go next and an obituary for a character who has enjoyed an incredibly varied seventy-year existence in countless mediums.

All this stuff is pre-prepared, so it won’t interrupt our coverage of other pop culture happenings. In the meantime, what better way to kick off proceedings than with a review of The Dark Knight?

Not bad for an OAP...

Not bad for an OAP...

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